Difference between Fleekform and other report services
Report output immediately to customers with one button

Output report service suitable for the unified cloud

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Taking time to output report you expect?
Design, setting, printing, file output, storage, distribution etc.
Complete with everything in the cloud, from report output to operation in all business.

Fleekform solves anything about report output.
In any business of report output, you can easily move to cloud environment.
You can use existing Excel form as report design form.
Outputting report you need from Salesforce easily, you can attach the report to Salesforce Object record.No
Not only output reports but file management, workflow, distribution and so on, completes all process in the cloud.

Two Report services

We can provide cloud reporting environment according to customer's business and system scale immediately

Cloud unified report output service that offers design and output reports which customer's system needs.

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Easy cloud report output service. All you need is just by clicking a button in Salesforce.

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Difference between Fleekform and other report services

By storing report outputed by Fleekform to Fleekdrive, expected oparation paterns will be covered after outputing, report. Not ending just outputting reports but possible until distributes in One-Stop.

Existing report tool

Having any problems like this?

Complicated report design tool

Complicated settings

Operation after outputting the reports

Expencive cost

Cloud reporting service


No more complicated designer tools

Very easy to design by Excel.Easy to design by Excel

Reusing Excel forms in use

File output and categorized distribution

Printing via internet

More with the file collaboration

Fleekform x Fleekdirve

Access control in detail

Storing systematically

Applying to “Auto Workflow”

Comfirmation of viewing files

Outputting report is not an end,your business can be connected and spreading

Fleekform outputs reports from various business systems including Salesforce. Distributing outputted categorized report, printing directly via internet makes your business One-stop and smooth.


Various security measures

Virus check

PDF security configration

Encrypting report data

Correspond to compliance

Record all operations in the trail

Recording report output history

Data center reliability

Auto replication

Auto recovery

Third Party Authentication

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