Service Specifications

1. Service Overview (“Service” hereinafter) is the general term encompassing the following services provided by Fleekdrive Co., Ltd. (“Company” hereinafter).
These Service Specifications set forth the terms and specifications of the services provided to customers using the Service (“you” hereinafter).
The details of the services to be provided are as follows:

  1. Fleekform
  2. Fleekform payroll

1.1. Definitions

The following terms used herein shall have the meanings specified below.

  • ・Server: cloud server prepared by the Company
  • ・Cloud: cloud computing services
  • ・File: electronic files, such as office documents, image files, and video files.

1.2. Overview of the Fleekform Service

The following items specify the services provided via the Internet from a cloud-based server:

1.2.1.Forms output and printing, electronic forms service

This cloud-based forms output service stores your system forms data and lets you output data in forms you previously designed. Available output file formats are PDF or Excel.
The services offer various options, including a job spooling service that lets you print forms from the cloud to printers at remote locations via the Internet, with control and monitoring of printing status. Registration with electronic forms on the cloud and utilization thereof, and sorting functions with various items on the form as keys.
If your environment is Salesforce, this service may be available from the AppExchange. The Salesforce version allows document control, file sharing, and collaborative work, generating PDF and Excel forms from standard or custom Salesforce objects and storing these forms on the Salesforce or the Fleekdrive file sharing service.

1.3. Overview of the Fleekform payroll service

The Service works with your payroll accounting application and personnel master application to output the forms needed for various payroll tasks, like payroll slips and employee withholding slips. Unlike the previous forms tool, it offers all standard templates. To output a form, simply choose a template. There’s no need to design your own forms or perform complicated tasks like mapping output items.

1.4. Scope of services

See “2. Service Specifications” for the scope of these services.

2. Service Specifications

Detailed specifications for the Service provided are as follows:

2.1. Plans

The functions and features available depend on the plan you select. Certain features may not be available, depending on the plan.
See the Fleekform Price List in the Appendix for information on plans and usage fees for Fleekform and Fleekform payroll.

※ Plans are subject to change.

2.2. Fleekdrive Functions

2.2.1. Fleekdrive function list

For the functions, see “Fleekform function list” in the Appendix.

2.3. Available languages

The Service is available in Japanese, English and (simplified) Chinese

2.4. Recommended hardware/software environment

Recommended environments for those using the Service are posted on the Fleekform website.

※See the “Recommended Usage Environment” page on the Fleekform website.

2.5. Applications and plugins

Depending on service options, you may need the following applications and plugins:

Service name, license name, option name Application(s) required Remarks
Fleekform ACT ACT must be installed for forms delivery from on-premises.
Fleekform ClientPrint ClientPrint must be installed to print directly from a Fleekform print spool.

2.6. Life cycle policy for client application

This summarizes basic policies for the nature and timeframe of the support provided for client applications. The purpose of this policy is to allow you to project future support for any applications you introduce.

2.6.1. Client applications covered by life cycle policy

The life cycle policy applies to the following applications:

Application name
Fleekform ClientPrint

2.6.2. Life cycle policy

The support period of each client application is posted on the Fleekform website.

※See the “Life Cycle Policy” page on the Fleekform website.

3. Conditions of service provision

3.1. Areas available

No access to or use of the Service is permitted in countries embargoed by Japan (Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Eritrea, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan). No access to or use of the Service in violation of Japanese export control laws and regulations is permitted.

Furthermore, no access to or use of the Service is permitted in countries embargoed by the United States (currently, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria). No access to or use of the Service in violation of U.S. export control laws and regulations is permitted.

3.2. Service hours

In principle, the Service will be provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Note that service hours exclude service outages required for scheduled service upgrades, system maintenance, and other Company actions. All service outages/downtimes are pursuant to terms and conditions specified in the “Terms and Conditions of the Cloud Service.”

3.3. Scheduled downtimes

Hours subject to downtimes scheduled to allow Service maintenance’, upgrades, or system emergencies are based on the “Terms and Conditions of the Cloud Service.”

The system will be unavailable during all scheduled downtimes set forth in the Terms and Conditions. In general, the service is likely to be unavailable from 10 p.m. of the fourth Saturday of each month to 8 a.m. of the following Sunday (Japan time).

3.4. Recovery time objective

In the event of server equipment failure, the recovery time objective (RTO) will be determined by the data center operations management company. Recovery in the event of application failures is generally within 24 hours from detection of the failure by the Company.

3.5. Working environment

3.5.1. Workplace

The Company will perform a series of tasks in connection with Service provision within the Company’s offices or at a place to be designated separately by the Company.

3.5.2. Applicable work standards

The Company will perform SE services and other matters in connection with the Service in accordance with work standards established by the Company.

3.6. Preconditions for operations

3.6.1. System operating environment

As the system site managed and maintained to provide the Service, the Company will use a data center meeting the Company’s quality and security standards.

3.6.2. Notification

The Company will issue all notifications related to the Service via the websites and e-mail.

3.7. Control of changes in specifications

3.7.1. Change in specifications and response to faults in connection with the Service

The Company will implement improvements and response to faults affecting the Service at its own discretion.

3.7.2. Notification

The Company will issue notification to you in connection with Paragraph 3.7.1. by the same means specified in “3.6.2. Notification” above.

3.8. Quality assurance standards

3.8.1. Quality

The Service is checked by the Company and must meet quality standards established by the Company.

3.8.2. Performance

The Service is provided via the Internet. Thus, no specific performance targets are established for download speed, upload speed, or other performance parameters.

3.8.3. Reliability

The Company targets a 99.9% uptime rate for the Service, excluding the hours set forth in “3.2. Service hours.”

3.9. Trail

The retention period for user CloudTrail data is five (5) years.

3.10. File backups

Backup data for files stored by users will be retained for five (5) years.

4. Plan, usage fees, and invoicing

4.1. Plans and fees

Usage fees and how fees are invoiced vary depending on the Service plan and options. See “Fleekform Price List” in the Appendix for information on plans, options, and fees.

5. Support

5.1. Support menu

The Service provides a free support menu and two kinds of fee-based support menus. For support menu types and content, see “Fleekform Price List” in the Appendix.

5.1.1. Conditions of use for support

You cannot use the free support menu if you use the fee-based support menu.

5.1.2. Support for client applications

ACT,Fleekform ClientPrint will be treated as Fleekform options. This means the support contract must meet the terms and provisions for the support menu options specified in the “Fleekform Price List.”

6. Other conditions and points to consider

6.1. Use of user ID by multiple persons and at multiple times

You are not permitted to share an ID with multiple persons. Shared use increases the risk of user ID and password leaks and impairs security.

6.2. Use on shared terminal

The Company will not be held liable for data leaks or loss for use of the service from shared terminals. It is not possible to ensure data security for data used from shared terminals.