Q.What kind of hardware do I need to use this service?

You don’t have to have anything other than your client PCs.

Q.Does report design cost?

Since you can design your reports with Excel or Jasper Report, it won’t cost you anything. Design freely with your most familiar tools.

Q.Can I create a report that has its data field developing vertically or horizontally?

Simply choose a direction for your data field, either from left to right, or top to bottom.

Q.Does this service have any regulation on report number?

You can create as many reports as you like, such as quotations, invoices and application forms.

Q.Is the Postscript available?

Yes, you can use Postscript to print out.

Q.Is it possible to categorizing reports form the report data by Fleekform?

Yes, with multi sort option make it possible. Allows faster processing with Parallel Distributed computing.

Q.Are Excel functions and barcode available?

Yes, various functions such as arithmetic calculation, function, barcode etc. are implemented.

Q.Can I create a report in a format other than PDF?

Aside from PDF, you can create in Excel format.

Q.How is this service different from Salesforce’s reporting feature?

Salesforce’s reporting feature doesn’t allow you to insert data to the location you would like, and while it doesn’t have a page abstract, our service is built in consideration of printing out reports in paper.

Q.Can this service create reports automatically from the system?

With the “Report creation rule” in the Professional edition, the system will automatically create reports as you scheduled.

Q.Do you charge us per user? Are there any regulations on user count?

For content management features, we charge by usage on a measured-rate basis despite the number of users. (Aside from measured-use fee, we’ll charge a basic fee per company).

Q.Can we record our operations in a log?

We have trail management functions to check and manage the 5W1H.

Q.How does the price system work?

Our price system is composed of two parts: a basic monthly charge and measured-rate charge. The total amount of the two charges will be your monthly payment. In addition, each part of the price may differ based on your license structure. Please refer to the Price List page for more details.

Q.Is this services available overseas?

As long as you have Internet connection, our services are available to you.

Q.Is English available?

English, Chinese (Simplified) , Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese are all available.

Q.How is the security and availability of the data center?

“Fleekform” provides services using Amazon Web Services (AWS), and it is under the control of AWS for data centers, physical servers, firewalls, networks, etc. AWS has years of experience in the design, construction and operation of large-scale data centers, enhancing the security and availability of data centers through monitoring, physical security, environmental safeguards, etc.
For details, please refer to the following page.

▼Security of Amazon Web Services

▼SLA of Amazon Web Services

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